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On our usual Saturday night out we go to the local bar and play pool, gamble, get drunk and go home and screw but one night he and I were both really horny and I just couldn’t wait to get home and really get fucked hard but, he asked me if I wanted to go in the adult theater and watch a movie, well I was scared at first but I was also very drunk so I said yes (best thing I ever did), so he took me there and I sucked his cock the whole way knowing that he loved every minute of the ride. So we pull up and go in holding hands, I have never even been in an adult bookstore before and I felt weird like someone would see me. So he takes me into the peep show booths and puts in a dollar to warm me up to it, so I sat there and watched all the guys looking at me though the window, it was very erotic to be watched, so I rubbed his cock for him and he was in heaven. The time ran out and he took me into the theater it was not what I expected, there were chairs all around the walls and porno playing on the wall but, in the chairs were men stroking their cocks watching the show so we sat down and I watched all the men stroke their cocks and it felt like every eye was on me but in time sitting there the pain of stares disappeared and it was fine.

Then I noticed my husband had his cock out and was stroking it watching the show so I got it together and stroked it for him and I just a few minutes I was surrounded by guys watching me jack off my husband now that was a very sexy feeling and I could hear one guy get off and then another and I thought that they are getting off to me and I got really wet, my husband had his hand under my skirt and I think I left a puddle on the chair…lol. So here I am giving my husband a hand job with 20 guys watching me, then I could feel a guy reach around and started to rub my tits my nipples were very hard at this point and I looked at my husband with the look of don’t stop and he nodded to the guy and went on watching the film, he took his hand out of my wet pussy and licked his fingers and made me lick them too, then I felt another guy reach under my skirt and finger me and that really turned on my husband because he got off in my hand right there, it was great but I didn’t want to leave yet and he knew this so we sat there while a stranger fingered me and another groped my tits the a guy walked up with his cock out and I looked at my husband and he whispered to me to jack him off so I took the mans cock and started to stroke it and I could feel a cock rubbing on my back side waiting and hard, the man I was stoking got off on my tits and he left and another man came from behind me and I then jacked his cock off the same way. Then a line stated to form so my husband said that it was time to go, he got up and took my hand and we left. I have to admit that I never fucked so hard as I did that night. I am so glad my husband took me to the theater that night it was a life changing experience. That was my first time.

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My second time there was much better, I left my husband at home…lol. So it was a Wednesday night and my husband works nights and I was horny and I decided to go to the theater myself, I got there and the man behind the counter said hello and I told him I wanted to go into the theater and he said all women are free enjoy, so I entered the door and the same line up on the walls were there and I sat down and started to play with myself and it took only 5 minutes for the first guy to sit next to me and he was stroking his cock and I watched him for a short while and then I did it for him then in minutes I was surrounded again by 6 cocks and I had both hands stroking cocks now and I thought that was it, I got down on my knees and stated to suck cock I felt a guy start rubbing my ass and I was wearing my short cheerleading skirt with no panties on he reached under my skirt and fingered my pussy he then lifted me up on all fours and fingered my ass and I knew what was coming next he pushed his cock into my ready dripping pussy he started to pump my pussy hard and I felt like such the slut I could feel that he was going to cum and I pulled away and he shot his load of cum on my back then, the second guy entered me and he was HUGE I turned around and here was a huge black guy having his way with my tight white ass he fucked me like no other it was great, he sped my pussy to the limit and he fucked me hard he then got even bigger and I knew he was going to cum inside me and I said not inside me and he pulled out and blew his huge load of cum on my ass, I fucked 5 guys that night and jacked off 4 and sucked off 2, I was covered in cum, the last guy that I let fuck me was the guy that was at the counter he fucked me hard and steady till he blew his load on my ass like all the rest of them, I left there a satisfied woman. I have to thank my husband for opening a new door for me he is great and we still go there and have fun and I have to thank the guy behind the counter for always looking out for me while I’m there alone.

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