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Lynn was the hottest girl I knew. I had been her friend for years, but you just never know with women. One day out of the clear blue sky, she started hanging around a lot more and soon we were in love. She knew from the start that I was bi-sexual and this never bothered her. If fact she confessed she was turned on by the women making out in porno videos her ex-husband used to force her to watch. Then she admitted to being bi herself. As our relationship progressed, I used to talk dirty to her as part of foreplay. I got progressively worst, and she got more and more turned on by the nasty suggestions I made, like licking her clit as she sat on another guys cock. One night we were out drinking and dancing and she was getting hotter and hotter. I asked if she wanted to try something totally different and she was game. We drove to an adult theater and proceeded inside. As our eyes adjusted to the dark, she gasped at all the men in there, with their hard cocks out. They stood about stroking and staring at her scanty outfit. We found a seat and started watching the movie. I sat with my arm around her and kissed her occasionally, as a large black man sat down next to her and pulled his cock out. She nudged me and whispered that she was getting turned on. I took her hand and placed it on his cock and she shuddered with an orgasm as she stroked it slowly. I had discovered how little it took her to cum and could make her orgasm by kissing her, or sucking her toes, or her earlobes. Her nipples were especially sensitive and as my hand made it's way under her shirt, she moaned with anticipation.
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I rubbed her nipples and then pulled my hand out and unbuttoned her shirt. As it fell open, a couple hands reached over the couch we were sitting on and caressed her chest. I took this opportunity to place a cushion on the floor between her legs and knelt down in front of her. As I lifted her skirt and slid her panties to the side I was greeted with a soaked, shaved, cunt. Her was being felt up by three guys, stroking a huge black cock, and now I was licking her clit. She was moaning in pleasure as she came continually. Someone behind her turned her head and started to fuck her mouth as she came on my tongue. As he shot off in her mouth, she looked at me and smiled, then pulled me up by the hair and kissed me, spitting a load of cum in my mouth. I swallowed, then stood and pulled her to her feet. I motioned her black friend to slide over into her seat and slipped her panties off. He reached up and grabbed her hips and guided her to his lap. I reached between her legs and took hold of his massive rod, sliding it between her pussy lips. She lowered herself down, impaling herself on his cock as I returned to my oral stimulation. She grabbed my head and screamed as she continued to climax over and over again. "My God, this is better than the fantasy" she said in a hoarse whisper and came again, her face contorted in extasy. The black man slowly pumped in and out as she pulled my head tighter against her, quivering as she continued to cum. Suddenly he grunted and emptied his nuts deep inside her as she came to another level of orgasmic bliss. I felt her release her death grip on my head as she came down a little. As I helped her to her feet, her lover slid over and stood up, and she sat back down. I returned to my seat as the men behind her returned to feeling her tits. I asked if she was ready to go and she said "No, I want to fuck some more." I smiled and motioned a young stud with a large cock over. He knelt between her legs and entered her slowly. I stroked my raging hard-on and watched as she fucked him with her stretched pussy, coming repeatedly. After he shot off, she motioned another stud into position and continued to fuck. I had a small flashlight in my pocket and I shined it on her crotch. I couldn't believe the puddle of cum between her legs on the floor. She continued to fuck man after man until she finally had enough. By this time, the count was about 19 or 20, and she was ready for me. As she fucked several men, I was pressed into service sucking several cocks and she insisted on kissing me after each one. I finally knelt between her legs and placed my cock into her. She commented on how small I felt after all those big boys and this was enough to make me lose my load into her. She shuddered and came one last time as I withdrew. I sat back down and caught my breath, looking at her to see some sign of guilt or remorse. She had none, so I kissed her and asked if she had a good time. "Oh yes, thank you baby, for letting me have so much fun." she replied. As we got up to leave, I pointed the flashlight at the floor and told her she had left her mark in the porno theater. She smiled and said she couldn't wait till the next time. Since then, we visit various porno theaters on the weekends and she has developed a fan club. When we walk in, the cashiers all smile and say

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