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We are a white mf couple. Both 54 yrs old. She is the most gorgeous 54 yr old woman I have ever seen. 5' 6" 130 lbs, no wrinkles, big firm boobs. She still wears a g-string at the public beaches. We go to Paradise Lakes (clothing optional) resort. She loves to be naked and show off. Wearing high heels and nothing else. She is a self proclaimed "fuck bunny". She loves sex more then anything. For a Christmas present I gave her a little see-through red dress. Cut low in the back, barely enough material in the front to cover her still firm big boobs. Short and slit on the sides. She wore this the other day with nothing underneath and I took her to an adult theater here in Largo Florida.
Pretty dingy and mostly older guys. She took a couple of shots of Jack on the way. And the whiskey went straight to her pussy. We walked in the theater and of course she got attention right away. We went in and stood inside the door to let our eyes adjust. Then men sitting down changed their attention from the movie to my girlfriend. She sensed their approval and started dancing. Slowly removing her only garment.
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When she got naked, she got on her knees and began to crawl down the aisle. Taking each man, one by one in her mouth. Since they were older guys, each one came in her mouth quickly. She had blown three guys and was getting very messy. The fourth guy was younger and had a giant cock. She stroked it. She licked it. She sucked it down like a hover vacuum. In two minutes she pulled off his dick and he shot a huge load across her face. By this time she was pretty saturated. I put her dress back on and we went down the street to a topless bar and she had a couple of more drinks. Seeing her sitting there with cum all over her dress, face and hair had all the guys going crazy. I love my gal......

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